[Cytometry] CD19 question

Marsiglia, Brian Brian.Marsiglia at inova.org
Thu Jul 30 15:13:04 EDT 2009

I have this patient that comes in once a week for a lymphoma workup.
Every sample is negative for CD19 (this is expected) except the
FMC7/23/19/5/45 tube.  In this tube, there is a huge CD19 positive
population, which co-expresses CD5.  My compensation looks great, so I
don't think that is the issue.

This is the 3rd time I've seen this happen on this same patient.  I've
not seen this on any other patients.  If I break down this tube, and put
one antibody in each tube, I do not see the issue.  It's only when all
antibodies are added. This patient is on anti CD20 therapy. I'm not
cocktailing antibodies.

Any input would be appreciated.  


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