[Cytometry] SE Troubleshooting issue

Dave Adams davadams at med.umich.edu
Sun Jul 26 23:32:22 EDT 2009

Greetings!  I have a bit of a vantage troubleshooting issue that I'd appreciate your help on.

The short version:

I know longer have computer control of the dead times/laser delays on two of my vantages.  Can't seem to puzzle it out.

The long version:

We had one vantage suddenly lose the ability to "see" signals real or generated (test).  Boards were swapped and engineers consulted and the problem ended up being the peak and hold card (now replaced).  However, now neither the original problematic vantage nor the machine that was acting as card donor has computer control of the delays.  They can be set manually via the three pots on the peak and hold card.

The software, of course, thinks that the computer still has control and you can really ramp up the abort rate if you don't set the computer to match the manually dialed in time delays.

So, as the problem occurred while card swapping, I initially thought that we had hooked a cable up wrong (always possible... heck we have omnicomps on these things), so we checked them against the other two vantages and all looks well.  Cards are also all fully seated.  If anyone has seen this before or has any thoughts, I'd appreciate hearing them.  Thanks.

David Adams
University of Michigan
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