[Cytometry] Biosafety with analyzers

Marty Bigos bigos at stanford.edu
Mon Jul 27 13:42:55 EDT 2009

Hi Greg-

We keep our analyzer rooms BSL-2. Basically that means lab coats/ 
gloves, red bag disposals, sink outside the room for washing. In  
addition, we have our waste containers filled with bleach to 10% of  
volume each time they are emptied, have users wipe down the work area  
with Cavicide, including keyboards, and run bleach & water on the  
analyzer after each run. Each workday AM a staff member runs bleach  
and water on the analyzers, does the wipedowns, enpties waste and  
fills sheath tanks before first run, if possible.


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I am having a heated discussion here at my institute about BSL-2  
samples on
analyzers.  Can anyone give some feedback about how you handle BSL-2  
your bench tops.  Do you keep your room BSL-2, do you switch between  
and BSL-1?  If you switch what do you do?

Any comment would be helpful.


Greg Veltri

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