[Cytometry] Problem with BD CS&T laser settings

Dianhong Luo d0luo001 at louisville.edu
Fri Jul 24 14:10:52 EDT 2009

Hello all,

I am the new one to BD Aria 1, today I ran the baseline, CST, and a simple experiment. everything went smoothly, then I set up my own configuration (actually almost the same as the old one, I just change PerCP cy 5.5 to PerCP), the computer asked me to run baseline, it was OK, then I ran performance checking,   the computer gave me a error message which says failed and call BD.. I clicked OK, then clicked CST again, a message shows "CST has encountered a problem and needs to close", I clicked "view configuration" and "performance tracking", both show the same error message "CST has encountered a problem and needs to close".  I shut down the machine and computer, and tried again. still the same,  I can not find any way to go back to the page of CST, I am just wondering if you guys have this kind of experience? what did happen and how to fix it? thanks so much for your kind assistance.

Best Regards,
Diane Luo

Research Technologist
University of Louisville 

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