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Chaudhary, Kunal kchaudhary at ukaachen.de
Fri Jul 24 14:39:56 EDT 2009

Dear fellows,

Its really interesting to know about CS&T and following up the suggestions of all experts here. After reading all the mails, i came up with a question.  Suppose, BD technical guy did a CS&T settings, what if a user when he first start new experiment and he get a dialog box asking keep current or use CS&T settings, and if he clicks "Keep current setting", does the CS&T settings are deleted which were set up by BD, can one still setup the voltages (Compensation with invalid CS&T settings) and go on for analysis, or one must ask BD or administrator  to do CS&T settings again.
As i understood if a user clicks "keep current setting", the laser settings are out of date or invalid, so one need to do a CS&T setting again, am i right? Finally how a administrator or a user can come to know if someone has clicked "keep current" option or not.

Thank you very much and regards,

Kunal Chaudhary
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University Hospital Aachen
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