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We see about one patient positive for a PNH clone out of 10 with anemia,
cytopenia, or suspected PNH.  The size of the clones vary from 0.5 to
90%, with most between 0.5 and 10%.  You should be able to find some low
level positives.  These low levels are not considered diagnostic for
PNH, but the exact cutoff for PNH is not yet defined.  If you have
problems, contact me.

You were correct to stop using the RedQuant.  The attached paper shows
that labs testing for CD55 and CD59 on RBCs only have both high false
positive and false negative rates.

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I have read the article "Diagnosing PNH with FLAER and Multiparameter
Flow Cytometry" by R. Sutherland. We are starting a method development
for PNH. We used to use the RedQuant and CellQuant kits for testing
years ago, but quit as I couldn't get the support I needed and then the
results weren't coming out well either after years of testing different
methods and finally bringing the kits live. So, we quit that testing
after 5 months.
My question is, with using the procedure from the article, we had
thought of doing 20 samples of patients with anemia or those samples
that are sent out for PNH testing for comparison. We only sent out 16
samples last year so don't have a lot of reference work for this test. I
was wondering what is recommended for testing and comparisons for this
test. I realize we will rarely see a positive PNH patient, esp. with our
initial testing, but wanted some feedback on how to proceed.      Thanks
for all your help.

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