[Cytometry] question about antibodies stability

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Although I think that it is more common (at least in the U.S.) that 
companies simply send new antibodies, it is possible that you may not 
have to worry about the quality of the antibodies in question. It would 
be helpful if the company sent you data that supports their statements.
In any case, since you're required to do your own QA/QC for these 
antibodies anyway (especially for clinical diagnostics) you may have 
your own data before they've sent you theirs.

Here's some interesting and helpful recently published work:
Saper CB. A guide to the perplexed on the specificity of antibodies. J. 
Histochem 2009; 57: 1-5.
Couchman JR. Commercial antibodies: The good, bad and really ugly. J. 
Histochem 2009; 75: 7-8.

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