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Hi Paul,
Being in Florida, I have always had concerns with companies that do not ship cold.  If it is 90-100 outside, you can bet that the inside of that delivery truck is at least 120!  Over the years, I would estimate that about half of the products I have received this way did not work.  I now refuse to buy from companies that do not ship on a cold pack.  If they say their products are stable at room temperature I want to see the stability studies done at 120.  Of course they are happy to replace them, after you waste your precious clinical samples finding out that they DID indeed get fried in transit.  I advise caution.
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Dear colleagues -

I recently had about $800 antibodies shipped for a series of 
experiments. They were shipped on Saturday and the temperature over the 
weekend was nearly 100 degrees...when they were delivered on Monday 
morning they were warm. I wrote to the company and got the following 
response. I have removed the name of the company. The cost of doing the 
experiments is very high and will use valuable clinical materials. The 
company told staff that they would replace the antibodies if they didn't 
work. When we questioned them here is their response - I'd like to hear 
of others think this is accurate or acceptable.

---------company response to my email-----------------
"We understand your frustration. I would like to reassure you that we 
don't ship any orders out on Fridays. Our standard method of shipping is 
to ship Saturday evening to reduce the amount of time spent in transit. 
Also, we have successfully shipped Saturday for Monday delivery for the 
past three years, which is why we guarantee that our products will be 
stable when they arrive.

Please read below for more information {website removed]:

All [company removed] products are thawed to room temperature before 
shipping and all are shipped out at room temperature every day of the week.

Please note that the majority of antibodies are stable at room 
temperature (RT) for long periods of time. Experiments conducted at 
[company removed] show that, for antibodies left at RT, activity remains 
constant for 2 months before showing any decline. However, as a 
precautionary measure and to extend the shelf life of the antibodies, we 
ship our antibodies in refrigerated packaging which has been shown to 
provide a stable environment for antibodies in transit."

So do I risk my valuable samples to antibodies that arrive under these 
conditions? I am really not sure - perhaps my concerns are not warranted??


Paul Robinson

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