[Cytometry] Fixation of platelets

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Hello Jim Kurtz,

A direct comparison of fixed (1 or 4% paraformaldehyde prepared from solid
paraformaldehyde versus a 37% solution of formalin which contains 10-15%
methanol) versus non-fixed platelets will likely demonstrate higher binding
of antibodies to the PF-fixed platelets with newly exposed cryptic
non-specific antigen sites.  Using the liquid formalin will likely result in
even higher non-specific binding due to the permeabilization and the
labeling of intracellular structures.


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Hi everyone,

I am interested in anyone that has experience in fixing platelets.  My
main question is that if you are going to store fixed platelets for
10-14 days is it better

to keep the samples at 4oC or at room temperature, or does it make no
difference.  My staining would be done after platelets had been fixed
and stored.

Some people stain and then fix platelets and store them in the cold,
does keeping them in the cold comparing to room temperature storage have

to do with prior staining of the samples before fixing?  Any information
would be appreciated.   Thanks,  Jim Kurtz

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