[Cytometry] Is it possible to purify DNA once stained with PI?

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Hello Tomas,
The intercalating dyes such as PI, EB acridine analogues can be removed from DNA by caffeine. Exposure of PI-stained cells or PI-stained bands in gels to 0.05M solution of caffeine in PBS effectively removes the dye from nuclei of the stained cells or from the DNA bands in gels (see; Bedner et al.,  Caffeine dissociates complexes between DNA and intercalating dyes. Application for bleaching fluorochrome-stained cells for their subsequent re-staining and analysis by laser scanning cytometry. Cytometry 2001; 43:38-45. http://www3.interscience.wiley.com/cgi-bin/fulltext/76502815/PDFSTART
Dialysis of the extracted PI-DNA (contained in the dialysis tubing) against such solution of caffeine should purify DNA. Caffeine has relatively high binding efficiency to intercalating dyes/drugs by forming heterologous stacking complexes and thereby removes PI from the intercalating complexes by the competitive binding.

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Dear All,

A colleague wishes to sort cells based on DNA content and analyze using
PCR. Would the bound PI affect downstream analysis or is it possible to

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