[Cytometry] Southeast Flow Cytometry Interest Group

Julie Nelson jnelson at uga.edu
Wed Jul 15 09:38:01 EDT 2009

What's that, y'all?

There are some of us down here in the South who would like to form a flow cytometry group and we would like to know if other Southerners are interested.  To that end, I've made up a short questionnaire.  If you are the organizer of a flow group in some other part of the U.S. and have read this far, please feel free to throw your 2 cents in (or a quarter would be appreciated).

Thanks for your help! (questionnaire below)

Julie Nelson

Laboratory Manager
Flow Cytometry Facility
Center for Tropical and Emerging Global Diseases
University of Georgia

1.How far would you travel for a one day meeting?  Would you come to Georgia? Alabama? Florida? Louisiana? South Carolina?  Mississippi? Tennessee? North Carolina? Kentucky? Virginia?  Should the meetings be in the same place every time or rotate to give everyone an opportunity to attend?
2.Would you be interested in attending genre-focused meetings?  For example: Veterinary Sciences, Plant Sciences, Immunology, Stem Cells, Marine Biology etc.  If so, which would interest you the most?  How about training meetings?  For example: FloCyte, FlowJo, FCSExpress, Winlist, etc.
3.How often could you meet?
4.Would you or your institution pay a membership fee or annual dues?
5.If we organized formally, would you be interested in a committee position?  For example, meeting organization, treasurer, secretary, etc.

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