[Cytometry] Problems with low pressure sorting on Aria I

Vinko Tosevski vinko.tosevski at gmail.com
Mon Jul 13 04:32:47 EDT 2009

Dear all,

I would like to ask for your suggestions on problems that I'm having
lately with my 100u nozzle/low pressure sorting (Aria I). I browsed
the PUCL archives and I saw a good tread on that subject from 2005. I
was aware of most of the suggestions mentioned there, but still, I
can't make my 100u nozzle to work lately.

The problem I'm seeing is, at least for the most of the time, stream
without any drop formation - as if you had high pressure stream and
then turned on the attenuation. Sometimes, turning the attenuation off
(it's ON by default) at low pressure actually restores the normal
appearance of the stream, but sometimes even that leaves the stream
without any drops, just uniform flow of sheath... I tried moving a
nozzle a bit, finding the "better" position, and noticed that I get
some elements of the normal stream when I press the nozzle downward a
little bit (I guess the point is in pressing the o-ring on the other
side of the nozzle upward). The o-ring was new, by the way...

Can someone tell me what could I try? Does having a nozzle being able
to move like a little lever means that my "nozzle bay" is somewhat
damaged? High pressure setup works like a charm, without any
problems... What do others do when they are having problems with low
pressure sorting?

Any suggestions or comments would be greatly appreciated!



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