[Cytometry] CD34, c-kit, CD45

Chaudhary, Kunal kchaudhary at ukaachen.de
Wed Jul 8 15:50:09 EDT 2009

Dear fellows,

I am in need of "ISHAGE Guidelines for CD34+ cell....." which i am not able to get, so please someone can send it to me. Secondly i am isolating hepatic stem cells on FACScantoII cytometer with AF 647 CD34, PE CD45, FITC Sca-1 and PEcy7 c-kit combination and i am not getting a good result meaning i got CD34 and sca-1 positive population but very few or not at all c-kit population, so if someone doing near such experiment can help me. Finally how can i search for mails or discussion on cytometry lists by search option.

With regards,

Kunal Chaudhary
PhD student
Department of Medicine III
University Hospital Aachen
Tel: +49-241-80-89200

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