[Cytometry] MoFlo Containment

Jan Hendrikx hendrikp at mskcc.org
Wed Jul 8 13:04:25 EDT 2009

	Hi Ken,

How do you decontaminate the Baker hood when an engineer has to come 
in to work on your Aria? As there a way to gas it, and is there a way 
to get rid of the gas after it has done its job?

Kind regards,

Jan Hendrikx

>Hi Betsy,
>We've had an Aria with aerosol containment system, cooling unit, and
>everything else except computer workstation installed and operating in
>Baker biosafety hood in our BL2+ lab for a number of years now. I think it
>was the first one they did. Has worked with no problems to date. On site
>support from Baker during planning and installation has been excellent as
>well including disassembly and re-installation of hood during move of our
>lab. I've attached copy of their brochure for your info.
>Suggest giving them a call. Stop by and take a look at our setup anytime.
>Kenneth Ketman
>Imaging and Flow Cytometry Core
>Room WAB-166
>Immune Disease Institute, HMS
>200 Longwood Avenue
>Boston, MA 02115
>ketman at idi.harvard.edu



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