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Moody, Pamela moody at cshl.edu
Mon Jul 6 14:10:13 EDT 2009

Hi Everyone,
Our core facility has an Aria I, Aria II and LSRII which are all running
CS&T beads.  We have trained users which are allowed to run these
instruments and run the CS&T beads.  Each of these users has a different
lot number of CS&T beads.  I would like to know what other core
facilities do in this situation.  Can you run different bead lots with
the same baseline?  Do you ignore the bead lot?  New users need to do
everything by the book and exactly how they were shown in class.  They
don't always know what it means if you ask them but they want to do it
anyway.  I could go on forever about this but I would rather hear your

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