[Cytometry] Aria I to Aria II upgrade

Michele Black mblack2 at u.washington.edu
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Hello Marcos,

I upgraded my Aria to an Aria II several months back and I am very pleased with the improvements. Stream stability is excellent, ease of changing nozzles and pressures is greatly improved, shutdown and startup are easy. Sterility is much better but I still find issues. I purchased two more sheath tanks probes and fittings so that I could autoclave the tanks regularly and I change the sheath filter frequently to avoid contaminants.  This was definitely worth the money to upgrade. 

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I was wondering if any users who have upgraded their Aria I to and Aria II
can comment on the performance and benefits of the upgrade. I'm in
conversations with BD to have complete upgrade done, but my Dean will like
to hear feedback from the flow community. Any comments will be greatly

To clarify, this is a complete upgrade from the old Aria I fluidics to the
Aria II fluidics, not just changing the old instrument for a new one (I


Marcos Garcia-Ojeda

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