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Hi Bivian...

Keep in mind that the near-UV laser will NOT substitute for violet-laser
applications - the near-UV does not excite Pacific Blue, Cascade Blue,
Live-Dead Violet, etc., nearly as well as the violet.  The near-UV will
excite Qdots, but the violet also does this just as well.

We only use the 375 nm diode for Hoechst SP, and maybe a little DAPI
cell cycle now and then.  For calcium measurement, the 375 nm laser will
not work - you need a shorter 355 nm solid state source.

So I would keep your violet laser, and only add the 375 nm option if you
are planning to do lot of SP.  With the FACSAria, I believe the 375 nm
option does not really replace the violet - they can both be installed
on the same beam path, and alternately switched on or off depending on

Take care,


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Hello everyone,

Our facility is considering the addition of the near UV laser option for
ARIAII. Our goal would be to obtain better resolution of mouse testes
stained with Hoechst. Does anyone have any experience with the near UV
versus the violet laser on the ARIAII? Currently we have good resolution
with the violet, but we are curious to know if the near UV would be an
better option. Are the differences so significant that it is worth
the ~$60,000 for the upgrade? Any data that is available comparing the
lasers would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance,

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