[Cytometry] CD57+ T cells

Lydene McArthur Lydene.McArthur at cdhb.govt.nz
Thu Jul 2 00:48:37 EDT 2009

Hi there


Does anyone use CD57 in their routine panels for Leukaemia/Lymphoma
immunophenotyping.  And if so, do you ever report the number of CD57+ T
cells?  We often find T cell subpopulations CD3+/CD5+/CD57+/usually
CD8+/CD16-/CD56- in peripheral blood and bone marrow samples and
wondering if this is a normal subpopulation.  Does anyone has a normal
'reference range' for these cells (at what level do you consider this
population to be increased and/or abnormal?).


Many thanks

Lydene McArthur


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