[Cytometry] Using beads for compensation

Danny Labes Danny.Labes at licr.unil.ch
Thu Jul 2 09:20:36 EDT 2009

Dear all,


Some time ago (I seem to remember) that I read something about beads that
can be used for compensation. These were similar to the BD Comp Beads but
bind unspecific almost all antibodies and not only Rat, Mouse or Hamster
like the BD onces. I think they were labeled with ProteinA or M and just
bind the Fc part of the AB.I can't find this source anymore . Or am I
screwing something up?

Is anybody aware of such beads and can give me a push in to the right


Moreover how do you normally manage compensation with beads if you're using
dead cell markers like 7AAD or PI in the same experiment? Do you use beads
for the AB and than cells for the dead cell stains.this would cause
problems, isn't it? Or do you just exclude the dead cell stains for
compensation as you're looking at the negative (non fluorescing) population?



Thanks in advance



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