[Cytometry] Knowledge of a good IgM anti-CD10 clone?

Hans Christian Dalsbotten Aass h.c.aass at medisin.uio.no
Thu Jul 2 03:10:33 EDT 2009


We are about to sort precursor B cell subsets from normal human bone marrow:

CD34+C10+CD19-               pro-B
CD34+CD10+CD19+             pre-B I
CD34-CD10+CD19+CD20dim  pre-B II large
CD34-CD10+CD19+CD20-     pre-B II small
CD34-CD10+CD19+             immature B

and plan to use immunomagnetic enrichment of CD10+ cells.

Colleagues have previously successfully used the IgM CD10 mAb clone RFAL-3
from Sigma-Aldich and Invitrogens´s Dynabeads M-450 Epoxy (which
reportedly only binds IgM mAbs). Unfortunately, this clone is not offered
any more by the produsent.

Q1: Does anyone know about a good IgM anti-CD10 clone for enrichment

Q2: If not, can anyone recommend a good IgG anti-CD10 clone instead?
(would then have to use beads coated with secondary mAb, right?)

Q3: Does anyone have experience and advice for enrichment or pre-sorting
of precusor B cells?

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

Hans Christian Dalsbotten Aass

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