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23 - 28 January 2010

Moscone Center
San Francisco, CA United States 



SPIE DCSIMGBiOS is moving to San Francisco


Imaging, Manipulation, and Analysis of Biomolecules, Cells, and Tissues VIII

Conference BO127

Part of program track on Biomedical Spectroscopy, Microscopy, and Imaging 

This conference has an open call for papers:

See submission guidelines for Authors
<http://spie.org/PWsubmissionguidelines.xml> & Presenters
893843>  an abstract  Due: 13 July 2009; Author Notification: 21 September
2009; BiOS Manuscripts Due: 16 December 2009


Conference Chairs

Daniel L. Farkas, Cedars-Sinai Medical Ctr.; Dan V. Nicolau, The Univ. of
Liverpool (United Kingdom); Robert C. Leif, Newport Instruments 

Conference Co-Chairs

James F. Leary, Purdue Univ.; Ramesh Raghavachari, U.S. Food and Drug
Administration; J. Paul Robinson, Purdue Univ.; Attila Tarnok, Univ. Leipzig

Reports of original research contributions are solicited on the following

Functional imaging of biomolecules, live cells and tissues: 

*	light microscopy of living cells and tissues (2D, 3D, 4D)
*	spectral imaging of multiple cellular and tissue components
*	new and automated methods for monitoring biological structure and
*	microscopic imaging of electric potentials and events
*	mesoscopic (microscopic resolution in vivo) tissue imaging
*	multimodality tissue imaging in vivo.

Biophotonic techniques for regenerative medicine: 

*	stem cell characterization in vitro
*	stem cell imaging and tracking in vivo
*	in vivo studies of immunologic events
*	imaging methods in organ transplantation
*	functional monitoring of tissue engineering constructs
*	imaging of tissue oxygenation and vascularization.

Optical manipulation of cells and tissues: 

*	cell micromanipulation using optical trapping
*	cellular effects of localized energy deposition into micro- and
*	cells and biomolecules in micro- and nanoconfined spaces
*	scanning probe microscopy of cells and surface-immobilized

Spectral imaging (microscopic and macroscopic): 

*	spectral pathology
*	small animal imaging
*	clinical applications
*	bioenergy applications.

Fluorescence and phosphorescence lifetime imaging: 

*	probes, including new dyes
*	high throughput cytometry
*	in situ diagnostic applications.

Multimode optical imaging: 

*	tools and approaches for combining several optical imaging methods
*	advanced registration and visualization.

Microarrays for biomolecules, cells and tissues: 

*	printing technologies
*	readout methods, including image analysis and quantification
*	applications of microarrays in diagnostics and drug discovery.

Advanced quantitation in cells (cytomics) and tissues (histomics): 

*	new technologies for multispectral and multiparameter imaging,
including acquisition, segmentation and analysis methods
*	new components for cytometry instrumentation, including
ultraminiature and nano- systems
*	clinical & research applications of cytometry, with emphasis on new
and unusual approaches.

Rare event detection: 

*	new methods for cell separation including high-speed, optical and
magnetic-paramagnetic sorting
*	circulating stem, fetal, cancer, and other rare cells 
*	digital imaging for quantitative pathology
*	mutant selection.

Image and data processing, quantification, standards, and display methods: 

*	cell-based high throughput and high content screening
*	clustering algorithms
*	analytical quantification, including new methods for multiparameter
cell and tissue analysis and data manipulation
*	automated 3D image processing, including tracking of tissue section
surfaces, image segmentation, and fluorometry/densitometry
*	software standards and regulatory requirements for spectroscopy,
flow cytometry, and imaging
*	image formats, databasing and retrieval
*	advanced image registration and display methods, including
co-display of multimodality image sets.

Monitoring of pilot and industrial cell and tissue growth and production,

*	biomedical products applications
*	tissue engineering
*	energy applications.


Looking forward to seeing you and attending your papers.

Bob Leif


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