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I ask building services not go a degree above 70'F.   For a variety of reasons.   Between a Calibur, LSRII, and Aria, the room can start coming up a degree or so.  When I have all three running and a bunch of bodies in the room, it can get warm in no time.   Now when I kick in the old Vantage with the water cooled E2, it will get to a toasty 80 without much problem, and that is even with the doors open with the heat exchanger pointing outward. 

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Dear colleagues,

At what temperature should you have the room that houses an ARIA (488, 
635, 407 lasers) and an LSRII (488, 635, 407 and UV lasers)?  We just 
moved ours to a new room and need to tell the building manager the 
temperature to set.  As you know, these are solid state, air-cooled 
lasers and we want to ensure maximal performance.

I'll appreciate any input you can provide.



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