[Cytometry] Recipes needs for dilution buffer for antibodies

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Dear Yan,

We have used a buffer consisting of 1% FBS and 0.1% Sodium Azide in PBS 
for all flow cytometry work with cells, including washing, resuspending 
and dilution.

But why do you need to dilute those 3 Abs to make a cocktail? Why can't 
you just mix them and use respective quantities?

Vladislav Rozenkov

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Dear flowers,

I have a client that want to make a antibody cocktail to stain the 
cells of
umbilical blood. Is there any recipes of  better buffer than PBS to 
dilute 3
different antibodies into a cocktail?

The buffer should not increase the background fluorescence signal. I 
did some
google searching, but can not find a buffer without BSA. I would like 
to have
some help from you, any ideas for making a dilutions of antibody that 
fluorescence labeled.

Yan Zhang
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