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Charles A Kuszynski ckuszyns at unmc.edu
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We have both an Aria I and an Aria II.  At first we thought there would be
a need for service contracts on our Aria I .  However, like you we do not
have service contracts on any of our 7 instruments.  We, like you have
experienced little maintenance yearly to justify a contract.  We simply
rely on our backup instruments to take up the slack as we wait for service
as a time and materials function.  I think service contracts are important
for clinical labs with only one or two instruments as they would be in a
world of hurt if they were down for a couple of days.  I know that many of
our users would cringe to think that they might not be able to complete an
experiment but we do have backup instruments for almost everything.

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Never having had a service contract on our procession of BD instruments
(single-laser FACS IV, dual-laser 440 and VantageSE, and now three-laser
Vantage DiVa) over the past  22 years, and having done so at an annual
service lay-out averaging approx. $4,000/yr, we wondered if any AriaII
labs have managed without a service contract after the initial,
manufacturer's first-year warranty?  And if so, what have been your
approximate, annual, service-related costs during that period without a
contract?  [we realize, of course, that the speed of the response to any
on-site service request might be faster if we had a contract.]

Thanks for any help with this.

Ray Hester
College of Medicine
Univ. of South Alabama
Mobile, AL
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