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Hi Kathy,

	The Veridex CellSearch is a new platform in our laboratory, we
are still in the process of characterizing/validating it.   To address
your question, I believe the CellSearch is different than what you
already have.  

	It uses a combination of immunomagnetic/immunofluorescent
techniques to identify and quantify circulating tumor cells in
peripheral blood of patients with metastatic disease.  The clinical
decision point, based upon published literature, is 5 CTC per 7.5 ml of
whole blood, so it can pick out extremely rare events in a relatively
large volume of blood.  Is therea way to detect and separate these cells
by flow cytometry and sorting?  I'm not sure, but probably not.  At
least not in an automated and standardized way like the CellSearch.  The
user is also presented with fluorescence images of all the cells, so you
can make the call as to whether it is truly a tumor cell.  

	So from a clinical perspective, it provides a useful and
meaningful parameter to assess the status of cancer patients [see the
literature for significant survival differences in pateints depending on
CTC level].  From a research perspective, the analyzer has one open
channel, so it is possible to measure a marker on the CTC, like Her2/Neu
for example.  An additional research application is to isolate the CTC
[using a kit called the profile kit, which leaves the isolated cells in
the tube prior to transfer to the cartridge for scanning] and then run
some relevant molecular test, for example, rtPCR for a particular
mutation.  This is related to so-called "personalized medicine" as
discussed often recently in the medical journals.  

	We think it is a well suited technology for oncology clinical
trials, with CTC levels potentially representing an early indicator of
drug efficacy.  CTC levels have been reported to have significant
correlation with overall survival and progression free survival.  So
this could be a beneficial test for patients to see how they're doing on
a particular therapy.  


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   Does anyone have any experience with the CellSearch instrument made
by Veridex?  We have a clinician or two here that think it would be
great for both clinical applications as well as basic research.
Currently in our Flow Cytometry core we have an Automac for magnetic
sorting in a tissue culture hood, a FACSARIA with 3 lasers (488nm,
633nm, 407nm), and a FACSCalibur with 2 lasers (488nm and 633nm).  What
I am not sure about is our the CellSearch is different or better than
what we already have?  If any one could provide some insight I would
greatly appreciate it.  Especially if you have run across this issue in
your facility.

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