[Cytometry] APC problems

Christian Willberg Chris.Willberg at ndm.ox.ac.uk
Thu Feb 26 07:27:59 EST 2009

Dear All,

I was hoping somebody could help us with a problem we're having with  
our APC PMT on a new LSRII, our local BD engineer is at a loss.
We have been struggling to get good APC stains with antibodieswe know  
work very well on other machines. When we checked with BD rainbow  
beads we noticed that the APC dim beads where bunching up halfway  
along the axis - this wasn't seen on either the Alexa700 PMT or APC- 
Cy7 PMT (please see attached PDF). We checked that this wasn't due to  
the filter (660/20) using a second 660/20 filter and the same pattern  
was seen. However, when we swapped the 660/20 filter for a 670/14 -  
the problem was resolved. Ideally we would like to use the 660/20  
filters for APC and not the 670/14. Can anyone explain what could be  
causing this and how we can fix it?

Many thanks,
Chris Willberg

Chris Willberg
Biomedical Research Centre - Immunology Theme
University of Oxford
Oxford, UK

Tele: 01865 271290
or tele: 01865 222352
e-mail: Chris.Willberg at ndm.ox.ac.uk

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