[Cytometry] CellSearch Instrumentation

Kathy Brundage kbrundage at hsc.wvu.edu
Wed Feb 25 17:04:41 EST 2009

   Does anyone have any experience with the CellSearch instrument made by Veridex?  We have a clinician or two here that think it would be great for both clinical applications as well as basic research.  Currently in our Flow Cytometry core we have an Automac for magnetic sorting in a tissue culture hood, a FACSARIA with 3 lasers (488nm, 633nm, 407nm), and a FACSCalibur with 2 lasers (488nm and 633nm).  What I am not sure about is our the CellSearch is different or better than what we already have?  If any one could provide some insight I would greatly appreciate it.  Especially if you have run across this issue in your facility.

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