[Cytometry] FACScan 8Color upgrade

Danny Labes danny.labes at licr.unil.ch
Tue Feb 24 06:35:18 EST 2009

Dear all,
I am currently thinking about upgrading one or two of our FACScan to the
8color, 3laser upgrade (DxP8 red/violet or DxP8 Red/Yellow) provided by
I would like to get some opinions about these upgrades from other users that
did the same. 
Is it working well? How about the sensitivity? What about the software
(FlowJo CE) is it "easy" to get familiar to for users who may, let's say, do
not have that much experience in flow? 
How about the service contracts Cytek provides? Are the reaction times and
costs justifiable?
Any comments about this would be highly appreciated. 
Kind regards 

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