[Cytometry] Clinical assistance with an unclassified Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma

Tytherleigh, Lynette Lynette.Tytherleigh at health.wa.gov.au
Wed Feb 25 21:50:08 EST 2009

We have a patient who presented with pancytopenia for investigation. The bone marrow was a dry tap. No fragments were readily visible on the touch preparation of the trephine. However there was a small population of lymphoid cells with clefted nuclei suggestive of a lymphproliferative disorder. 

Immunoperoxidase stains on the trephine showed the lymphoid cells to be positive for CD45RB and CD20. The neoplastic cells were negative for CD5, CD10 and CD23. 50% of the cells were BCL2 positive. Cyclin-D1 was negative. 

Flow Cytometry of bloody aspirate showed 43% of the cells were lymphoid. Of these 33% were T cells and 64% were B cells expressing CD19, CD20 and CD79b with Kappa light chain restriction. 46% of the B cell expressed CD23. The B cells were negative for CD5, CD10 and CD11c.

A sample was sent for Cytogenetic analysis and there was no chromosomal abnormality detected.

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