[Cytometry] colonocyte marker

Milton Maciel Junior mmaciel at usp.br
Wed Feb 25 17:38:49 EST 2009

Dear Flow-ers,

I have a co-worker working on colonocyte isolation from stools. The  
method used is based on differential gradient but the yield, if any,  
is low. Anyway, we wanted to characterize whatever cells are isolated  
but we are not sure what colonocyte marker to use.
I was able to find something about EpCAM as a possible colonocyte  
marker, even a EpCAM-beads-based colonocyte isolation method...
I would love to hear the opinions out there if somebody has some  
experience with this kind of sample.

Thanks in advance

Milton Maciel Junior, PharmD, Ph.D
University of Maryland
School of Medicine
Center for Vaccine Development
Phone: (410) 706-7376

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