[Cytometry] Calcium flux measurement : Automated agonist addition

Geoffrey Osborne g.osborne at uq.edu.au
Mon Feb 23 19:26:00 EST 2009

Hi Ian,

We have developed a working prototype of automated addition of agonist
to cells which does not appear, based on preliminary data, to perturb
the sample flow. It requires minor modifications to existing hardware
commercially available from a friendly flow cytometry company.


Currently the system I've designed is tailored toward screening multiple
agonists from multi-well plates against a single cell line, or vice
versa, multiple cell mutants etc. The preliminary experimental data
looks very robust, however we are still working out a few "kinks" in the
system, and checking (and re-checking) the reproducibility of the

Email me directly if you want to follow up on this more e.g. example


Obviously I'm interested in gauging market interest and commercial
application of this approach.





Geoffrey Osborne

Director of Flow Cytometry,

The Queensland Brain Institute /Australian Institute for Bioengineering
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The University of Queensland,

St Lucia, QLD, 4072, Australia

Ph (61) 07 33466397

email g.osborne at uq.edu.au

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The recent string of calcium flux related mailings with respect to an
effective way of adding the agonist to the cells after baseline
measurement is taken , without the necessity to pause the flow
cytometer, has to beg the question , if there were a device that could
introduce the agonist to the cells when the operator required it without
disturbing the flow of cells through the flow cytometer how many people
/ companies would be interested in this if , say ,such a devise would
only cost approx. $2 per assay ?


I would be very interested if anyone had a view on this could mail me
just to say they were interested, or even the reasons why they would not
be  .


Many thanks




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