[Cytometry] Re endothelial cells for flow cytometry

Theo Gerdener theotjielief at mweb.co.za
Mon Feb 23 15:36:09 EST 2009

Hi all

One of our students has an assay to set up via flow cytometry for a research project. In this project he will be required to seperate human endothelial cells from other bone marrow stromal cells on a FACSCalibur. We have purchased a CD144-FITC conjugate for this, but need to validate that the antibody binds efficiently and specifically. As this flow cytometrical assay constitutes only a very small part of our project, we are hesitant to culturing or purchasing an endothelial cell line just for this purpose seems extravagant. If anyone knows of a cheap, easy way to collect relatively pure endothelial cells for a positive control, or if anyone works extensively with endothelial cells and would be able to provide us with a small sample (+- 1x10^6 cells), we would be most greatful. Obviously, we would be happy to pay for any shipping/storage costs involved.

Kind regards

Theo Gerdener

University of Cape Town Haematology Research Division

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