[Cytometry] MAF-11, Conference on Fluorescence

Janos, Szollosi szollo at dote.hu
Mon Feb 23 12:23:06 EST 2009


The 11th International Conference on Methods and Applications of 
Fluorescence: Spectroscopy, Imaging and Probes will be held in Budapest, 
Hungary, September  6-9, 2009.

Call for abstacts, deadline 15 April 2009.


The venue of the Conference is the Congress Center of the oldest Hungarian 
University, the Eötvös Loránd University (ELTE - address: H-1117, Budapest, 
Pázmány Péter sétány 1.) located right on the bank of river Danube. This 
wonderful campus is close to many historical sites of Budapest and offers 
an excellent environment for a successful scientific meeting.

The previous meetings of the MAF Conference series (Graz, 1989 and 1991; 
Prague, 1993; Cambridge, 1995; Berlin, 1997; Paris, 1999; Amsterdam 2001; 
Prague, 2003; Lisbon, 2005; Salzburg, 2007) have acquired high 
international reputation and a gradually increasing number of participants 
(over 300 in Salzburg). All the meetings proved to be inseminating between 
various disciplines and provided a successful platform for novel 
fluorescence-based research and developments.

The forthcoming meeting will cover the following scientific topics:
    * Fluorescence Spectroscopy (Theory and Applications)
    * Fluorescence Correlation and Single Molecule Spectroscopy
    * Special Fluorescence Techniques:  Upconversion, Delayed Fluorescence, 
Fast Fluorescence Kinetics FRET, etc.
    * Fluorescence Microscopy: Towards Higher Spatial and Temporal Resolution
    * Special Fluorescent Imaging Techniques: Multi-Photon, Live Cell and 
Single Molecule Imaging
    * Novel Fluorescent Probes, Sensors, Fluorescent Proteins, Quantum 
Dots, Nanomaterials and their Applications
    * Fluorescence in Biology/Medicine: Bioassays, Biophysics
    * Fluorescence in Systems Biology High Throughput Screening Assays, 
Arrays, Micro-chip

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