[Cytometry] staining method for diagnostic immunophenotyping

Lydene McArthur Lydene.McArthur at cdhb.govt.nz
Sun Feb 22 17:22:18 EST 2009

Hi everyone


I'd like to get an idea of staining approaches used by other
laboratories for diagnostic immunophenotyping for leukaemia/lymphoma.
We use a lyse/wash/stain/wash technique for the majority of samples
(peripheral blood, bone marrow, lymph node and cellular FNA samples).
I've been asked to investigate whether it would be suitable to use a
stain/lyse/no-wash technique instead, but would like to get feedback
from other diagnostic labs and find out which stain method you are
using, if you are using (or have tried) a no-wash technique, and whether
you have a preference for any method over another.  (See attached file
for brief summary of techniques mentioned).


Many thanks

Lydene McArthur


Haematology Surface Markers

Canterbury Health Laboratories


New Zealand




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