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Dear Gabriele,

we are exactly in the situation that you envision: we have an Aria (and
only an Aria) that we use about 80% of its time for analyses and about
20% for sorting. It works well if you have a skilled person around who
knows how to check the machine for proper set-up (needs about 5 minutes
daily). This person should also be around somewhere in the background
when the average user (and especially beginners) analyzes samples
because a sudden clogging might occur and it needs quite a while to
train people how to deal with a clogged nozzle. 

So if you can't make sure that such a "supervisor" will be always around
(it works quite well if you split this between two people) than I would
recommend you to purchase an analyzer and do your sorting in a core
facility if available.

Kind regards

Wilhelm Gerner
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Dear all,

We are preparing an equipment grant.  Ideally, we would need a flow
cytometer that is a good, robust analyzer and that can also be used as a
sorter.  I know about the Aria, but am concerned that when this
instrument is used simply as an analyzer it will be too difficult to
operate for people who are occasional users.  I am also concerned that
unlike a robust analyzer (e.g. Calibur), a  high-speed sorter - even in
the analysis mode - is not going to tolerate cell suspensions that might
have a few clumps.

Is it safe to say that we have to make a choice between an analyzer and
a sorter ?  For us the analyzer is more important because it will be
used much more frequently.  

Thank you so much for your input !


Gabriele Grunig, DVM, PhD
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