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jaclyn endiafe jaclyn.endiafe at maccine.com
Fri Feb 20 04:08:22 EST 2009

Dear All,
I'm currently looking for a CD45RO reagent for Flow Cytometry that would react with cynomolgus monkey blood.  I have searched through the online catalogues of different suppliers, but most of the commercially available reagents are reactive for human.  Did anyone of you tried using any CD45RO reagent on Cyno blood?
I came across this website: 
http://www.bc-cytometry.com/reagent/iTox3.html <https://webmail.maccine.com/exchweb/bin/redir.asp?URL=http://www.bc-cytometry.com/reagent/iTox3.html> 
It shows that the CD45RO-PE (Clone: 	UCHL1; PN:	 	IM1307) reacts with Cyno. I couldn't understand the rest of the article because it is written in Japanese.  I e-mailed Beckman Coulter regarding this data, and they said that it was done by third parties and they couldn't provide some supporting documents.  Kindly refer to the copy of their email below:
There is no document issued by Beckman Coulter (the given website is from
Beckman Coulter Japan).
The cross_reactivity is done on the clone UCHL1, not necessary specific to
Beckman only, can be other companies.  This is documented by third parties and
quoted by ISLH, not by Beckman Coulter. Hence, we are not able to provide
supporting document.

The part number for CD45RO-PE is IM1307U for ASR and A07787 for CE mark.  The
price is S$585.00 in both cases.

ASR: Analyte Specific Reagenrs (ASR)
CE: CE-marked products, indicates conformity to the legal requirement s of the
European Union (EU), for IVD use.
Hope I have answered your questions.

Best regards

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E-mail: siewbee_ng at beckman.com.

I hope you could help me find a suitable CD45RO reagent for our upcoming experiment.  Thanks!
Best regards,
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