[Cytometry] Indo-1 on an Aria?

Howard Shapiro hms at shapirolab.com
Fri Feb 20 15:27:02 EST 2009

Ray Hester wrote:
> Has anyone demonstrated calcium flux on a FACS Aria or Aria II (_not_ a 
> FACSVantage) where at some point after equilibration of Indo1-loaded 
> cells, the sample tube was removed from the sample uptake tube, an 
> agonist (or some compund) added to the tube, the sample tube replaced 
> and the experiment continued?
> If so, or if you know where this type of experiment on an Aria has been 
> published, can you point us to references (journal articles) detailing 
> the experiment/s?
The major problem with doing calcium flux with indo-1 on most Arias is 
that indo-1 won't work - at all! - with either a 405 nm or a 375 nm 
laser; you'd have to have a 355 (technically, a 325 nm HeCd would work 
but I doubt one has ever been mounted in an Aria).


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