[Cytometry] Website for monkey cross reactivity

mark.luscher@utoronto.ca mark.luscher at utoronto.ca
Thu Feb 19 10:35:06 EST 2009

Hi Kara,

I think you'll find it at:


All the best,
Mark Luscher

Quoting "Cox, Kara S" <kara_cox at merck.com>:

> Hi everyone,
> There used to be a website that I had bookmarked from Beth Israel
> Deaconess Medical Center that listed charts of  human Ab clones and
> their reported cross reactivity with rhesus or other monkey cells. I
> found it to be a useful starting point.
> Now the website has changed and my bookmark does not work. I cannot find
> the page. Can anyone tell me if they still have this site and please
> send me the link?
> Thank you,
> Kara Cox

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