[Cytometry] Violet laser for LSR2 - are there better options?

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Hi Tomas...

I think most of the instrument manufacturers are using at least a 50 mW violet laser now,  and 100 mW versions are available.  If your supplier offering you the 25 mW version, ask for a more powerful one - most of the major violet laser suppliers offer their units in standardized housings, so it it not a big deal to add a more powerful unit, and the cost increase should not be much.

In our hands, more power is definitely better for violet-excited probes, especially photon-demanding ones like CFP FRET.  So get the most powerful module you can.  Also, if you are ordering a cytometer with fiber-coupled lasers (Aria II, Canto II, etc.), a lot of power is lost in the fiber - again, start with the most powerful laser you can.



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Dear flow colleagues,

can you recommend a better choice of the Violet laser for excitation of 
Pacific Blue, Pacific Orange and Qdot605 then the standard 405nm 25mW 

What I see is a lower intensity and resolution of the Pacific Blue as 
compared to the same sample measured on the Cyan ADP with 100mw Coherent 
compass 405nm.

Thank you for any suggestions,

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