[Cytometry] cloning smoothly?

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We clone frequently with our Aria.  Works fine.  Certainly the jerky
ride isn't enough to spill any of the cells out of even full wells in a
96-well plate.  In addition, we've put cells into the Advalytix wells
and had no problems with cells or media "spilling over" out onto the
rest of the slide.

Is the MoFlo smoother?  I don't know.  Does it matter?  Not in my

- Greg
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We were wondering if anyone has experience with cloning using both an
AriaII and a MoFlo XDP?  Specifically, is the MoFlo a smoother 'ride' 
from well to well?  Watching a video from Advalytix (no financial
interest) of single-cell deposition onto an AmpliGrid slide using the
Aria, at:


it seems the motion from well to well is not excessively jerky as we've
been told it is - I mean, it has to stop and start at each well, right? 
In comparison, is cloning on the MoFlo a much smoother operation than
what's seen in the video at the above link?

Thanks for any thoughts on this.

Ray Hester
College of Medicine
Univ. of South Alabama

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