[Cytometry] Beckman Coulter additional fee

Mario Roederer roederer at drmr.com
Fri Feb 13 19:17:04 EST 2009

We have just been informed that Beckman Coulter has decided to  
implement an extra $125 "administration fee" on top of shipping fees  
for any orders that are requested to arrive in less than 6 shipping  
days.  (Apparently, NIH got the news last - I presume most of you know  
this already.)

Our response will be to begin ordering any comparable reagents from  
other vendors; there are only a few uniquely-available reagents that  
we get from Beckman Coulter.  Given how much we spend at BC every  
year, this policy will certainly cost considerably more money than  
they stand to gain from it.

It seems to me that most vendor have a standard turn-around time that  
is far less than 6 shipping days.  Thus, I'm curious whether or not  
our reaction is misplaced.  Will others in the community respond  
similarly by moving their business elsewhere?  Is this a unique charge  
or do other vendors routinely do this?  Are we, here, completely off- 
base by being highly irritated by this fee?


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