[Cytometry] cloning smoothly?

Ray Hester rhester at jaguar1.usouthal.edu
Fri Feb 13 11:00:39 EST 2009


We were wondering if anyone has experience with cloning using both an 
AriaII and a MoFlo XDP?  Specifically, is the MoFlo a smoother 'ride' 
from well to well?  Watching a video from Advalytix (no financial 
interest) of single-cell deposition onto an AmpliGrid slide using the 
Aria, at:


it seems the motion from well to well is not excessively jerky as we've 
been told it is - I mean, it has to stop and start at each well, right? 
In comparison, is cloning on the MoFlo a much smoother operation than 
what's seen in the video at the above link?

Thanks for any thoughts on this.

Ray Hester
College of Medicine
Univ. of South Alabama

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