[Cytometry] Fw: Question regarding gamma delta T cells

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Yes, gamma-delta T-cells are rare - only a couple of percent of
lymphocytes in peripheral blood.  They can be found more commonly in the
GI tract and in the skin, where they protect normal cells from excess
inflammation by killing macrophages and neutrophils that express heat
shock proteins (Hirsh and Junger Am J Respiratory Cell and Molecular
Biology, 39: 509, 2008) and (Venet et al. J Leukocyte Biol 83:523,

Since they are CD4 and CD8 negative, they are not killed by HIV virus
and can be increased in HIV patients.  Also they do increase after some
other infections, especially mycobacterial ones.  In addition, they can
be neoplastic, usually appearing as a chronic T-cell leukemia.  

Tony Bakke, PhD, D(ABMLI)
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Department of Pathology
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Question regarding gamma delta T cells

Dear immunology and flow experts, 
Please enlighten me regarding my query. From my limited knowledge 
regarding these cells, what i understand is that gamma delta T cells are

suppossed to be pretty rare in normal inviduals aren't they? Under which

conditions would one observe an increase in these gamma delta T cells? 
Many thanks for your valuable advice,
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