[Cytometry] Optical pathways: mirrors or fibre optics?

Charles A Kuszynski ckuszyns at unmc.edu
Tue Feb 10 11:15:54 EST 2009

It is not the laser power that is critical here, it is the wavelength.  BD
uses mirrors to prevent the destruction of the fiber optic when using the
UV line.  To make the system simpler, all of the laser lines are directed
with mirrors and the emissions collected using fiber optics.

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                                       [Cytometry] Optical pathways:       
             02/10/2009 10:11          mirrors or fibre optics?            

Hi FLOWers

Is there any reason why fibre optics shouldn’t be used with high powered
lasers e.g. 150mW, 532nm or 100mW, 488nm? If not, then why are some BD
SORP instruments fitted with mirrors to direct the laser beam to the
flow cell instead of fibre optics, as in the standard machines?

I have searched the mailing list archive and other literature, but
haven’t been able to find an answer. Hopefully somebody out there
will know the answer and care to share.



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