[Cytometry] Chromosome sorting

Matthew Burton matt.burton at mcri.edu.au
Mon Feb 9 23:42:30 EST 2009

We are sorting human chromosomes on a MoFlo (non XDP) and are finding
that the intensity of the Hoechst and Chromomycin A3 takes a while to
stabilise. The Hoechst intensity drops while that of CA3 increases
slightly over a period of a few minutes until stable. Attached is a word
doc showing the dyes intensity versus time. This does not happen with
any beads we have used. Has anyone seen this or have any ideas on what
would be the cause? In case it helps we are exciting CA3 1st with 300mW
of 457.9 nm at pinhole 1 and Hoechst at pinhole 3 with 300mW of UV.
490LP for CA3 and 400LP480SP for Hoechst.



 <<Chromo Int Variation.doc>> 
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