[Cytometry] Help with macrophage detachment

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Microbiology Petri Dishes are very good, and so are the T flasks designed for suspension cultures (Sarstedt among others).  Having still observed significant numbers of adherent cells using both, I found that one or two rounds of ice-cold PBS (Ca++ and Mg++ free) containing 0.2mM EDTA for 5 minutes improves recovery.


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>Have you tried culturing in petri dishes (you know the common round (or square) ones used for microbiology culture)? They are sterile, the MACs attach but then easily come off easily with a gentle tap. It was a long time ago but you may need bring to room temp prior, too.  
>I believe the other tissue culture plates are coated to aid attachment.
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>Thank you in advance for your help with this issue.
>I am trying to detach human monocyte derived macrophages from tissue culture dishes. I have tried Sigma's Cell Detachment Media and Genlantis' Detachin and have considerable cell death and up to 20% of the cells still remain on the plate. I am hesitant to use trypsin/EDTA as I need to do surface staining of the cells for flow cytometry. I have also tried mechanical removal (gentle scraping) but that also caused a high percentage of dead cells. Thanks
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