[Cytometry] water-cooled lasers on a MoFlo XDP?

Ray Hester rhester at jaguar1.usouthal.edu
Fri Feb 6 09:51:31 EST 2009


We are trying to cut down on the cost of possibly purchasing a new MoFlo 
XDP by using/transferring the lasers on our FACSVantage onto the MoFlo 
(our Vantage has a water-cooled 5-watt I-90 (which we use mostly for UV 
at 355nm) and water-cooled 5-watt I-70C Coherent  Spectrum laser that we 
use for yellow 568, red 633, and 488 back-up).  It's our understanding 
that this set-up (a MoFlo XDP with an I-90 and an I-70) has been 
performed before on more than one occasion and without any problems and 
that CVs, etc., with this set-up are as good as they are with the lasers 
on the Vantage.  Can anyone with this set-up contact us?  In addition, 
were there any problems with aligning the lasers into the XDP?  What 
sort of support/table did you have to use for the lasers?

Thanks for any help with this.

Ray Hester
College of Medicine
Univ of South Alabama
Mobile, AL

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