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Thu Feb 5 13:37:35 EST 2009

A novel technology exists for purification of adherent cells which allows cells to be analyzed and purified in situ rapidly without having to remove the cells from their substrates (multiwall plates). This In Situ Cell Purification process technology enables rapid generation of pure live cell populations from very small cell samples ranging from 2 to 1000 's of cells based on functional or cell marker based characteristics.

The original work was published in Cytometry 61A:153-161 (2004) High-Throughput Laser -Mediated In situ Cell purification with high purity yield. Manfred R. Koller et al.

 Adherent cells can be purified without forcing them into suspension, thus preserving both their physiological and structural integrity and cell health. It is accomplished by using ultra fast (1000 cells/sec) laser manipulation to selectively and efficiently eliminate undesired cells.  This non invasive In Situ process allows sparse cell populations including primary cells and stem cells to be purified in their closed sterile incubation environment with very high yield in less than half the time compared to other conventional techniques.

This purification process compliments FACS systems and is suited for all cell types, including adherent cells, non-adherent cells, primary cells, Embryonic & iP stem cells, cancer stem cells, rare cells and fragile cells.

Baggi Somasundaram

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