[Cytometry] Cytometry Part A lecture and teaching tour in India 2009

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Lecture and teaching tour India 2009Dear Colleagues,

I would like to inform you about the ongoing activities of the Journal Cyto=
metry Part A to promote and support quantitative single cell analysis:

      Cytometry Part A =

      Lecture and teaching tour India 2009 =


      A faculty of experts in flow and image cytometry will promote science=
 and research of quantitative single cell analysis at different research ce=
nters in India. A major goal is to bring the official scientific journal Cy=
tometry Part A to a broad audience. We will support local scientists in wri=
ting cytometry focused manuscripts and make them aware of standards for dat=
a presentation. Furthermore, the newly published textbook on Cellular Diagn=
ostics will be introduced and supplied for free to eligible candidates. =

      We wish to inform you about our activity for cytometry and Cytometry =
Part A and invite you to read more here and see the picture gallery evolvin=
g. =

      For more Informations click here ... =

Best regards,
Attila Tarnok

Prof. Dr. Attila T=E1rnok
Professor for Immunology and Cytomics
Editor-in-Chief "Cytometry Part A"
Research, Dept. Pediatric Cardiology
Cardiac Center GmbH; University of Leipzig
Struempellstr. 39, 04289 Leipzig
Fon: +49-(0)341-865 2430
Fax: +49-(0)341-865 1143 =

Mail: tarnok at medizin.uni-leipzig.de
URL: www.leipziger-workshop.de

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