[Cytometry] Dendritic cells and doublet discrimination

María Candela Iglesias Chiesa candela.iglesias at cieni.org.mx
Thu Feb 5 10:32:14 EST 2009

Dear all,

A basic question on human dendritic cell analysis: do you use a doublet
discrimination gate (say a diagonal on FSC-H vs FSC-A) when you are looking
for DCs?  I have heard comments on the doublet discrimination gate not
working for something bigger than lymphos, and we seem to lose a lot of
CD123+ and CD11c+ cells when we gate out doublets. On the other hand, how
can I be sure I don¹t have aggregated cells if I base my first gate only on
morphology (FSC vs SSC)?.  I¹d appreciate it if someone could point me to
the right articles or discussion, since I haven¹t been able to find anything
on the Purdue archives so far.

Thanks for your help!

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